We need your help!

Running a Vendee Globe Campaign is a large undertaking as it is, developing a new type of boat is even a step further! External help is needed at many different levels. Here is how you can help:

  • Spread the word! The single largest help we can use is spreading the message of ‘Green Vendee’.
  • Buy a mile. For individuals or small businesses that believe in the project and want to make a modest financial contribution, you can support us through our Green Vendee Millage Program. A miles is €100 and you will receive a personal thank you note on the day that Erik will actually sail your mile!
  • Are you representing a larger corporation that is looking to sponsor a sports team with dedicated environmental goals? Consider becoming a sponsor of the project and use our exposure to your advantage.
  • Do you work for a company that you think could benefit from partnering up with us? Bring us in contact with the right person in your organization.
  • Do you own or work for a company that makes marine products that you would like to see tested on such a sailing ultra-marathon? Consider the option of partnering up with us, if your product survives our scrutiny during our pre-departure tests, we’ll take it around the world and provide the exposure and feedback you are looking for.
  • Contribution of knowledge or labor. Do you think you have a skill that our project might need? Contact us.